The Clarity & Confidence 
You've Been Looking For

...because your actions today 
influence who your child grows up to be

One-Hour Consult Sessions

In-Person or Video Conferencing

Never Go Down 
The Rabbit Hole 
Of Parenting Advice Again

You deserve better...

  •  Why second-guess yourself time and time again?
  •  Why exhaust yourself trying to find the answers?
  •  Why ping pong from one micro strategy to the next?

...WISE Parenting Consultations empower you to understand what is actually underlying your child's behaviour and show you how to put your child on the path to becoming his/her best self

Individual Consultations 
Are For Parents Who...

Want to understand their 
child's behaviour 
and learn how to respond

  •  Bedtime routines and sleep habits: infant / toddler / pre-schooler
  • ​Feeding and mealtimes: infant / toddler / pre-schooler
  • Sibling rivalry
  • ​Tantrums and hitting
  • ​Shyness
  • ​... and more

Want to prepare for 
a life transition: 

  • Moving
  • Hiring or changing caregiver 
  • Selecting or changing daycare
  • ​Welcoming home a new baby
  • ​Switching rooms / sleeping arrangements
  • ​... and more

Want to learn more about how to put their child and family
on the right track: 

  • How to help instil confidence
  • ​How to encourage independence
  • How to manage concerns about spoiling or self- entitlement
  • ​How to foster emotional control
  • How to develop positive social relationships
  • ​... and more

How It Works

1 - Book Your Complimentary Call

  • At Your Convenience: Select the best time that works for your schedule
  • ​We Respect Your Time: Select a time slot that will allow you  30-45 min for the call

2 - Enjoy Your Call 

  • Straightforward:  We will use our time together to understand your parenting journey so far, where you're looking for extra guidance and which form of support would serve you best

3 - Finish Your Call With A Plan

  • Feel Clearer:  We help to support parents in various ways. By the end of your call, you will have a clearer understanding about how you can find the guidance and support you're looking for

Alexandra Scherzer
Co-Founder of the WISE Parenting Framework

I Get It, 
Parenting Is Difficult

... and here's how I know

When my son was born, my life path changed direction.  These 3 things led me to where I am today:

1. Motherhood wasn't entirely what I expected - it was more difficult in ways I hadn't imagined

2. My parenting journey was echoed by so many Moms around me --- the parenting advice we looked for was both confusing and contradictory

3. My mother is an expert, in every sense of the word, in child development and family dynamics ... and I hadn't fully understood this until I became a mother

I've worked alongside my mother, Dr Solomon, for 5 years, helping families understand their child's behaviour, empowering them with proper knowledge in child development and learning how this knowledge applies to every family and every child. 

Together, we co-founded WISE Parenting and the WISE Parenting Framework.

Most parents want to raise a confident, independent, emotionally-stable and motivated child, with strong social skills and positive relationships --- my passion is to help show you how your parenting can put you on this path!

Individual Consultation Pricing

Pay as you go
160 usd
per 1-hour session (approx. $195 CAD)
  • In Person or Video Conferencing
  • Written Recap Highlighting Main Points From Session 
  • Worksheets, Checklists and Outlines to Increase Knowledge Integration
3 month contract
135 usd
per 1-hour weekly session (approx. $165 CAD)
  • In Person or Video Conferencing
  • Written Recap Highlighting Main Points From Session
  • Worksheets, Checklists and Outlines to Increase Knowledge Integration
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