Helping You Parent 
The First 5 Years 
With Clarity And Confidence

...because the Early Years 
shape the adult your child grows up to be

No More Second-Guessing

Say Goodbye to Confusion

Feeling Discouraged 
In Your Parenting 

  • Second-guessing your parenting decisions is exhausting
  • Feeling 'not good enough' is draining
  • ​Parenting should be enjoyable!  

We Understand 
What It's Like

What I've found is that most Moms feel unsure in their parenting. They feel confused and overwhelmed by the mountain of contradictory advice to follow.

Motherhood is not what they expected it would be.

What they really want is to relish the family life they envisioned; to feel confident they're doing a great job and to feel at ease as they move through the ups and downs of parenting...but most of them feel unprepared and caught off-guard, uncertain of what to make of new behaviours and how to react to new challenges.

The mistake they make is that they think they need to learn a ton of different strategies...

But, the reality is that they will never feel clear and confident about their parenting decisions until they stop trying out a bunch of different strategies and start learning about what is actually influencing their chiild's behaviour and development.

I know....because this is my story.
- Alexandra

My story is the reason why I teamed up with my Mom, Dr Solomon; to help families navigate the first 5 years with more clarity and confidence.  
Dr Solomon and Alexandra Scherzer are the founders of the W.I.S.E. Parenting Framework; a parenting method that guides families onto a path with the best short and long term outcomes for both the child and the family.

Dr Solomon (PhD) is a psychologist and psychotherapist, specializing in early childhood development within the family context. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Philosophy in Psychology, a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate in Psychology. She is also a Mom to 3.
She has dedicated her life's work to helping families live more harmoniously.

Alexandra is a Parenting Consultant and a Mom to a pre-schooler. She lives and breathes the realities and challenges of parenthood today, likely similar to you. 

How It Works

1 - Book Your Complimentary 
Assessment Call

  • At Your Convenience: Select the best time that works for your schedule
  • ​We Respect Your Time: Select a time slot that will allow you 30-45 min so that I can be sure to serve you properly

2 - Enjoy Your Call 

  • Straightforward:  We will use our time together to dive into a specific framework you can use to feel clearer and more confident about your parenting journey 

3 - Finish Your Call With Greater Clarity

  • Feel Clearer:  End your call with greater confidence in how to move forward
  • Your Game Plan: Know where you should focus your energy and attention

Consulting Programs & 
Individual Consultations

Becoming MAMA Program

For Women Expecting Their Baby

Working 1:1 with Moms-to-be who:

  • ​Are looking to transition into motherhood more gently and peacefully
  • ​Are hoping to put their baby on a path to becoming his/her best self
  • ​Are eager to understand what is going on inside their baby's brain to help guide their parenting decisions
  • ​Don't want to feel overwhelmed by contradictory parenting advice
  • ​Want to work proactively with their significant other to protect and strengthen their relationship in this transition
  • ​Want to take a holistic approach to better prepare for their transition into motherhood


For Moms with a child 0-5 years old

Working 1:1 with Moms who:

  • Want to understand what is underlying their child's behaviour and feel clear in how to respond
  • Are looking for guidance in how to manage and optimize their child's social and emotional development
  • Have questions about how to best support their baby or child for sleep, feeding and/or life transitions
  • ​​Would like to build confidence and independence in their young child
  • Are feeling overwhelmed by contradictory parenting advice
  • Are searching to support their child and family in a way that leads to greater family harmony
How To Crush Contradictory Parenting Advice 
and Make The Best Decisions For Your Family 

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