W.I.S.E. Parenting Assessment Call

  •  Empowering you with proper knowledge in child development
  • Cut through the noise of parenting advice
  • ​Put your child on the path to being her/his best self

...because your actions today influence who your child grows up to be

Alexandra Scherzer
Parenting Consultant

Complimentary Assessment Call

We will spend 30-45 min together understanding your current situation and diving into a framework that will help you will feel clearer about what to focus your attention on and more confident in how to move forward


  • Feeling overwhelmed by contradictory advice
  • Preparing to welcome home your baby OR looking to understand your child's behaviour
  • Trying to make the best decisions for your baby & family


  • Feel clear about where to focus your attention and energy
  • ​Feel confident about how to get onto a path that fosters confidence, trust, self-reliance and positive relationships for your baby or child
  • Enjoy your life as a parent and relish the family life you envisioned

How It Works

1 - Book Your Complimentary 
Assessment Call

  • At Your Convenience: Select the best time that works for your schedule
  • ​We Respect Your Time: Select a time slot that will allow you  30-45 min so that I can be sure to serve you properly

2 - Enjoy Your Call 

  • Straightforward:  We will use our time together to dive into a specific framework you can use to feel clearer and more confident about your child's behaviour and your parenting decisions 

3 - Finish Your Call With Greater Clarity

  • Feel Clearer:  End your call with greater confidence in how to move forward. Know where to focus your attention and how best to move forward.
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